3 Ways to Save Money Using a Dry Trimmer

Is the cost of hiring a room full of trimmers every season bringing you down? You may have thought about how much time you could save with a trim machine.

But maybe the cost is holding you back.

A trim machine might seem like a big initial investment, but it can quickly save you money in a variety of ways. Here are three ways a bud trimming machine will keep cash in your pocket.

Reduce Man Hours

The most obvious cost savings measure is the reduction in labor. For example, the Cultivator dry trimmer by Kairos allows growers to slash harvest labor costs by more than 50%. They estimate that one person can trim about a pound per 12-hour shift. You can expect to pay them $200 or so for their time. When you use the Cultivator, that same person can trim 3-5 pounds per shift, including time spent hand finishing. Now, instead of having a pound of finished product, you’ve got 3-5 pounds and can still pay the trimmer the same amount for that 12-hour shift.

Use Your Trim

After you’ve processed your cannabis using your dry trimmer, you’ll be left with two types of products. First, the nicely trimmed bud that’s about 80% trimmed and ready for a bit of final hand finishing. Second, you’ll have a tray of clean trim ready to use. All too often, people throw this trim out.

Don’t do it!

There are a number of great things you can do with this product.

One of the most popular ways to use the trim is to make canna butter. The trim is also perfect for making salves and creams for skin problems such as psoriasis and dry, itchy skin. Some studies are even showing that topical cannabis treatments benefit migraine sufferers and people with arthritis. If salves or canna butter are too time intensive for you, making a tea from the trim is quick and easy. Teas are a traditional medicinal drink with a variety of uses.

Rent Out Your Dry Trimmer

If you network with other growers in your area, you may find that many of them are considering making a trim machine purchase, but for some reason aren’t ready to make the plunge. Perhaps they’d like to test it out first, or they’d just like to hold off before making that initial investment. Either way, there’s a market for trim machine rentals. When your processing demand has slowed down a bit, offer your machine as a rental to local growers. It’s helpful if the trim machine you choose is easily transportable from one farm to another.

Taking the Next Steps

When you’re ready to reduce labor costs and find new avenues for income, including rental fees and additional product lines, it may be time to purchase a dry trimmer. How have you seen savings from your trim machine? Let us know in the comments below.

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