CBD Vape Oil – A Must-Have In Your Medicinal Arsenal

As the popularity and availability of CBD oil continues on its 2018 upward trend, more and companies and distributors are offering alternative options to get you your CBD dose.

Ever since the vaping industry took off around 2010, companies have gotten increasingly innovative with their product lines, offering more and more vape oil flavors and specific vape devices to suit all kinds of individual needs.

The emergence of the CBD oil industry has led to a natural overlap between it and the vape scene.  CBD extractors have similarly sought new and innovative means of efficiently administering CBD to people and patients who seek it out. One of the most popular current CBD trends is the market for concentrates and vape oils.

So, what exactly is CBD vape oil? The terms vape oil and “concentrate” can be used interchangeably. CBD oil is just that – concentrated CBD oil that is produced using a CO2 extraction system.  This allows for extremely high purity and potency of the oil. It can then be used in a vape pen or other vaping device which has a heating element that vaporizes the beneficial CBD cannabinoids without burning the vape oil.

Other popular ways to consume CBD include simply ingesting a small amount of the oil, or dosing with liquid drops & oral sprays. So, what’s the difference? Why choose one method over another? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come from using CBD vape oil as a dosage delivery system.

Avoid Smoke Irritation 

While CBD is not nearly as frequently smoked as its cannabinoid counterpart THC, there is something to be said about inhaling burning plant matter. While a far cry from the dangers of cigarettes, cannabinoids that are smoked can still irritate the lungs and airways.  Since CBD is non-psychoactive and intended for medicinal and therapeutic use, this delivery method stands at odds to the clean vapor that you receive from CBD vape oil. This is a much more suitable approach for the medicinal-minded CBD user.

Easy Dosage 

A vape pen is pretty much the easiest way to get a quick CBD dose wherever you are and whatever you’ve got going on. It definitely beats carrying around melty edibles or spill-able liquids in your pockets or purse while on-the-go. CBD vape oil is pre-loaded and makes it easy to take just a small puff or benefit from a longer, extended drag.

Rapid Effect Onset

Vaping your CBD is the quickest way to get the effects to kick in. The vapor filling your lungs exchanges across airway surfaces and immediately enters your blood stream, leading to a rapid onset of relief when you need it the most. A CBD vape oil pen or other vape device is a must-have for CBD users who find themselves in an emergency, needing medicinal relief right away.

Convenient & Discreet 

Taking CBD as a vape oil is the most discreet and convenient method of dosage out in public.  Unlike smoke, CBD E liquid is vaporized – not burned – so it doesn’t produce an odor or big, obtrusive cloud of smoke when you exhale.  With vape oils, you’re not limited to outdoor areas.  While I wouldn’t go ripping your CBD vape pen right up in people’s faces, it’s discreet and odorless enough to administer your dose indoors without disrupting the shared space.

The best thing you can do for yourself as a CBD-enjoyer or patient is to have a variety of different CBD products at your disposal for whatever your needs are in the moment. Vape oil’s convenience and rapid effect onset makes it a must-have in your CBD arsenal.

As we move forward in 2018, expect to see newer and even more potent means of accessing the healing and therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

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