Here’s a list of recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. Be sure to leave a review of your favorite weed store to help others find the best.


4625 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO, 80220

9:00am - 7:00pm Daily

At The Clinic, we are committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to our patients. The healing atmosphere in our dispensaries represents what we believe answers the needs that Colorado voters were missing in the medical marijuana industry. Read more…


1750 30th Street unit 84 Boulder, Colorado, 80301

9:00am - 6:45pm Monday thru Saturday - 10:00am - 6:00pm Sunday

Central Boulder Medical Dispensary between 30th and 33rd just north of Canyon Blvd–Across the parking lot from Best Buy! Free parking, spacious, clean, and comfortable waiting area; great selection of high-quality strains, potent and affordable edibles, drinks, and tinctures; concentrates as low as $35 per gram! Top shelf, hand-trimmed, beautifully… Read more…

303 440 1323

2801 Iris Ave. Boulder, CO, 80301

8:00am - 6:45pm week days 9:00am - 6:45pm Saturday 11:00am - 6:45pm Sunday

The Farm cultivates 100% of our own craft cannabis in Boulder, CO where our team consists of expert growers, master curers, educated bud-tenders, and many more passionate and dedicated members. We employ sustainable growing with small-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Read more…


1909 Broadway L.L. Boulder, CO, 80302

9:00am - 6:45pm weekdays - 10:00am - 6:45pm Saturday & Sunday

MMJ America provides Cannabis Cup award-winning legal and medical marijuana at unbeatable prices. We cultivate our award winning marijuana as effectively as possible so we can pass the savings back to our customers and maintain our reputation for the highest quality product. Read more…


11975 East 40th Ave. Denver, CO, 80239

9:00am - 6:45pm Mon-Thursday - 8:00am - 6:45pm Fri & Saturday - 9:00am - 6:00pm Sunday

Lightshade is a reputable, high-end marijuana dispensary serving both medical and adult (21+) customers at three locations in Denver, Colorado. Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. Read more…