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  1. C.C. Banks
    C.C. Banks

    My friends and I started going there literally everyday and thought the daily special was decent at first… I noticed about three weeks ago that I wasn’t getting high off any weed regardless of how much I smoked, even in the morning time when I can get my most ripped. I assumed it was me and maybe I smoke too much or I should switch strains. So like a dumbass loyal customer, I return to Native Roots two more times even buying their “Top shelf” at 52 bucks for an 1/8 of Gorilla Glue (this is how desperate I was to feel anything). The buds looked really good, but again, nothing. NO body high, NO head high. The bottle claims 25.4% thc. I return a couple days 9/4/2015 and purchase Sweet Island Skunk 24.0% thc . We head down to Taste of Colorado all excited with new bud in hand that we have never tried thinking this will work. Guess what? Yeah, MORE BUNK WEED. UGH why didn’t I catch on sooner. We decide to smoke another bowl….nothing…then my friend is like “maybe it’s creeper weed lets wait n see if it kicks in”….NOTHING….We smoke another bowl…..NOTHING….Ugh the irritation… The weed sux so bad no one even wants to try it anymore and the taste was horrible…instant bad taste that lingered in your mouth a long time after smoking it too..So I am thinking you know what, I never complain and I have literally been in this dispensary almost everyday since June they know who I am….I call them up and the manager “Jessica” immediately wants to blow me off and tell me all their stuff is tested. I ask her “Are you aware of reviews on the internet?” She immediately changes her tune and tells me that yes the Sweet Island Skunk labeling did change from the last time it was in. Jessica tells me it used to be labeled as a CBD only strain and this time it came through as 24% THC. Jessica admits something is wrong. She tells me to come on down and she will replace the 1/8. I tell her thank you because I want THC not Cbd. I offer her all the weed back and she tells me because of regulations I am not allowed to bring it back on site. I tell her “how about I give it to you as a friend nothing to do with Native Roots, that way you can smoke it and see what I’m talking about”. Jessica declines and tells me she doesn’t want to smoke it or try it. I said “Ok but you should try it, because your reputation as a dispensary is on the line here, and weed for the past 3 weeks has been suspicious”. She tells me “Yeah we will have to ask the grower about this”…Jessica says all the weed is tested. WELL if you legitimately test your weed shouldn’t you be saying I need to call the Company that tested the weed NOT the profit hungry grower that grew bad bud to begin with? (Sigh) Well, I head over there and she just rolls her eyes when I get there and says “Yeah I am the manager but I talked to another manager and were not going to do nothing about this” I say “but it doesn’t get you high” and she just says “yeah were not doing this”. OK don’t remedy a VERY IMPORTANT MATTER, wow I thought that’s what Managers are for? This has got to be one of the worst bait n switches I have seen in my life. If Native Roots was some actual people on the streets trying to sell BUNK WEED…Well, we all know that would end in tragedy because no one puts up with someone who sells bunk weed and then tells you too bad with a smirk on their face. wtf.. I should have caught on when they went from being completely packed with people to hardly anyone there.. BEWARE and only go there if you love being irritated, wasting your money, getting a horrible lingering taste in your mouth and then laughed at when you express your concern.. I do think the reason I wasn’t catching on to the bunk weed is because I was eating a lot of eating edibles from a good friend of mine and as soon as I stopped edibles and I depended solely on Native Roots weed, it was obvious it’s fake bud….Shame on you Native Roots and shame on you for writing yourself FAKE good reviews to help sell BUNK BUD to boot! Daily specials, shhyyt more like daily SCAMMERS!

    September 6, 2015 at 1:42 am Reply

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