Peru Is The Newest Country To Legalize

Peru is now the newest country in Latin America to decriminalize the use of medical marijuana. Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, on Thursday, signed a bill that legalized the medical and therapeutic use of marijuana and its derivative products. The bill received a massive support of 67-5-3 after voting by Peruvian Congress. Due to the extensive margin, there was no need for the bill to go through the second vote like most laws. In such a case, the bill is passed directly to the executive for signing. The health ministry of Peru will now create registries for all sectors of the industry to eliminate confusion regarding the use of medical marijuana. The ministry will be required to keep a record of all patients entitled to use cannabis by prescription. This will make the process of regulation much easier.

The legalization allows ownership, sale and even transport of marijuana for medical use only. However, it remains illegal for one to grow the plant. The Peruvian government will license official growers and importers of the plant. The legalization targets the use of marijuana to curb medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, Lennox syndrome and other terminal or chronic diseases. The same goals as other medical marijuana avenues like Encanto dispensary in Phoenix.

What stirred the whole thing?

The most interesting thing about the legalization of medical marijuana in Peru is that Peruvian mothers pioneered the whole move. They wanted access to safer medicine. This came after one mother, Ana Alvarez, a mother of four, converted one of her homes into a laboratory. She took the heroic step to help improve the condition of her children but later started admitting patients and prescribing them marijuana. Surprisingly, the plant helped their conditions. In fact, some of the patients began sleeping better, socializing and even began eating well. Dorothy Santiago is another who relentlessly fought towards the legalization of marijuana. A majority of the Peruvian citizens now believe that their lives will improve.

Peru is now one of the over 20 countries that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The Peruvian government is now looking forward to expanding the laws governing the use of medical marijuana. Statistics show that over 100,000 people in Peru use marijuana illegally. The legalization will help to create a framework for the regulation and use of medical cannabis. De Belaunde postulates cannabis that is consumed for recreational purposes contain a high tetrahydrocannabinol which is the psychoactive compound. This is higher compared to that of medical cannabis that is consumed in the form of ointments, oil, and derivatives.

Countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and Colombia already have regulations governing the use of medical cannabis. Uruguay became the first pioneers to legalize the cultivation of marijuana for domestic consumption in 2013. Germany allows the use of marijuana with a medical prescription. However, if you consume marijuana without a prescription, then it is considered self-harm’ and not a crime. Colombia permits both cultivation and consumption of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana varies greatly in countries such as India and United States. Cultivation and consumption are permitted but only for private purposes. Jamaica allows cultivation and use of cannabis for personal use. In fact, one can grow up to five plants, but it’s illegal to use them for public use. South America is now the leading continent in the production of medical marijuana. Canada too is increasingly gaining international recognition and market share in the sale of medical marijuana.

The president of Peru further said that the move to legalize medical marijuana is one way of embracing modernity and locking out all the prejudice behind the plant. He called for all to participate and collaborate and work hand in hand with the government. Within 60 days, the regulation will be drafted to enlighten the trepidations of all the concerned members.

Additionally, the approval has also been seen to help eliminate the accusations of drug trafficking to women who worked in oil processing labs by Public Prosecutor. The women had been relying on the black market to purchase cannabis which they used to help alleviate symptoms in their patients. Most of them expressed their happiness following the move to legalize the plant by Peruvian Congress. The good thing is that the government will cautiously regulate all the products and potencies of medical cannabis in the entire legalization program.

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