Strain Review: Blue Dream

FullSizeRender (3)Blue Dream is a hybrid sativa dominant strain of cannabis that every marijuana connoisseur needs to try at least once. A popular favorite both in Colorado marijuana dispensaries and around the world, Blue Dream is best known for its sweet smell and flavor, dense bud structure, and a strong, well balanced effect.

Originally created by crossing the indica Blueberry strain with the always popular sativa Haze, a well grown Blue Dream will be the best of both worlds. The high THC content is great for an upbeat, stoney effect in the head, but the indica base provides a relaxing body high. While many popular marijuana strains tend to be very heavy one way or another, Blue Dream has a distinction as being a strain that will be uplifting without leaving your head racing, and relaxing without making you pass out immediately after smoking.

Having spent several years as a retail budtender in the Colorado marijuana industry, I can say first hand that sativa strains are usually the most popular among recreational users; the reason being that most people just using cannabis for fun don’t want to get too sleepy and waste a good smoke session. The typically high THC content (20+ % in most cases) in Blue Dream along with a great look and smell meant that it was a strain that was very difficult to keep on the shelf and became many regular shoppers’ go-to when it was available.

For many medical marijuana patients, the best strains seem to be the ones that manage pain well and allow them to go about their daily lives without both the effects of chronic pain and without the debilitating effects of prescription drugs. This was always the reason that Blue Dream was also so popular among medical patients, because being a hybrid means that it provided a relaxing body high but with a nice, uplifting head buzz.

bluedreamFor those bud connseiours who need to have a great look and smell, Blue Dream wins tops marks yet again. When grown and cured correctly, the combination of Haze and Blueberry produces a predictably sweet and pungent odor that is will be apparent as soon as you open the jar. I’ve personally seen nugs of Blue Dream that are over 3.5 grams (an “1/8th”) by themselves even after drying and trimming, and have never been disappointed with a good batch. Clones of Blue Dream are typically also in high demand; despite a slightly longer period of time to flower similar to many sativa strains, the results will make both seasoned and first-time growers happy with their yield.

If the gauge for something being popular is having its own Wikipedia entry, then Blue Dream is certainly popular, and it’s easy to see why this has become a consistent favorite in the legal Colorado recreational cannabis market and for cannabis consumers around the world. Do not pass up the opportunity to get some Blue Dream next time you visit a Denver marijuana dispensary.

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