Dr. Dabber Switch vs. Puffco Peak — The Clash of The Titans

I’d probably call 2018 the golden age of wax concentrate consumption, we’ve seen what I’d like to note as the peak of wax vaping as two titans arrive this year and look to change how we consume wax concentrates entirely. Originally, wax concentrates are heated, smoked, and vaporized through dab rigs. To see how dabbing has improved through the years here’s a quick summary on how we used to dab.

Why Dab?

It’s important to note that dabbing has faster effects compared to any method of cannabis consumption. When smoking flowers and dry herbs the high usually starts to kick in after 20 to 30 minutes of smoking. While the upshots seem to be pretty fast with smoking vegetable matter, dabbing wax concentrates will start to hit you in just around 5 to 10 minutes. Moreover, wax concentrates are pure, they carry fewer irritants. Wax is made by blasting marijuana leaves with a chemical solvent to draw out THC, cannabis’ chemical compound that’s responsible for its psychoactive effects. That’s why wax concentrates cause less coughing compared to vaping weed and even oil concentrates.

Dabbing — The Traditional Way

Dabbing is the practice of pressing processed cannabis oils, extracts, and concentrates to a heated nail. Ideally, dabbing requires several pieces of equipment like a water pipe, a nail, a dome, and of course a torch. Dabbing could be more than daunting especially for beginners and there’s a reason why. People who are used to smoking weed by rolling joints or by packing bowls and even portable vaporizers might find that using a torch to heat up a nail is simply too much.

Moreover, dabbing extracts means you’re inhaling vapors from cannabis’ purest and most potent form, the rush of THC compounds delivers exponentially intense highs especially to those who are used to smoking loose-leaf materials.

When dabbing with a dab rig, you’d want to assemble your paraphernalia first before you start torching your nails and wait till they turn red hot. Once the nails start to glow red you’d want to let it rest before placing the glass dome and eventually your wax concentrates before you start vaping your concentrates. If not practiced with caution, dabbing could be dangerous especially when performing another run when you’re halfway high. The combination of you concentrates’ extremely fast and potent effects plus the hazardous risks of carrying a blow torch only spells disaster, that’s why you’d normally see adept and advanced users smoking dabs and novices normally ask for help from these experienced dabbers before they do it themselves.

Enter torchless dabbing.

The Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is a portable vaporizer that improves whatever benefits and advantages that electric and torchless rigs have over manually heated nails. Butane-based rigs are now a thing of the past and electric powered dab rigs are increasingly replacing these manually operated devices. Imagine drawing flavorful clouds of vapors with just a push of a button. The Puffco Peak does that and more. It perfectly combines and elevates the elements of a dab rig and an e-nail. The Puffco Peak even has faster heating times in just 20 seconds compared to torching a nail for around 30 to 45 seconds and waiting for it to cool down a bit to reach the optimal vaping temperature. The Peak ensures that you’ll have the perfect temperature level in just 20 seconds. While traditional dab rigs require 3 minutes just for preparation including heating and cooling, the Puffco Peak achieves faster results with less prep time.

The Puffco Peak also has 4 unique temperature profiles to allow every user to customize their dabbing sessions. You can now easily fine tune the temperature levels depending on the wax concentrate you’re vaping. Crumbles, another form of concentrates have more moisture and a thicker consistency. While gaining a reputation as a material that’s pretty much hard to handle, the Puffco Peak easily allows you to pick the right heat profile for any concentrate like crumble and even more intense and complex concentrates like live resin.

One of Puffco Peak’s highlight is its ITC or intelligent temperature calibration. This is what separates Puffco Peak from the average e-nail. A SmartWare calculates and automatically adjusts heat times should you be hitting on a hot bowl allowing you to enjoy consistent results without affecting the temperature of the vapor which may otherwise eventually burn the material.

The Puffco Peak may be called the future of dabbing but the Doctor disagrees.

The Dr. Dabber Switch

If you think the Puffco Peak is the future of dabbing then prepare to see what lies ahead. The Dr. Dabber Switch surpasses the Peak’s hybrid conduction and convection heating by introducing a breakthrough in vaporizer heating technology. The Dr. Dabber Switch is dubbed as the world’s first induction vaporizer. It’s no surprise to see such weed tech since the Dr. Dabber Switch has been in development for over two years since its release. Induction heating allows the Dr. Dabber Switch to heat up your materials in just 4 seconds, that’s crazy fast. And if you’re impressed with Puffco Peak’s 4 temperature settings get ready for Dr. D’s 25 “carefully calibrated heat settings to handle any situation.”

Induction heating allows the Dr. Dabber Switch to indirectly heat wax concentrates precisely by using the alternating currents produced by the Dr. Dabber Switch’s hardware and allowing the induction cups to absorb the generated heat. This results in faster heat up times and fewer to no prep time at all. While the Puffco Peak boasts its very own ITC the Dr. Dabber Switch also has its own version of the ITC. Dr. D outfits the Switch with an internal memory which retains information about your previous user setting allowing you to conveniently return to your favorite heat profile. Everybody wants a ‘set and forget’ vaporizer and the Dr. Dabber Switch is just the right device for those who like a to get anchored on a solid vaporizer.

Final Thoughts

The Puffco Peak is a sound e-rig though the Dr. Dabber Switch clearly the better amongst the two. Both smart e-rigs offer wax concentrate convenience allowing even the most novice user to vape like a pro. They elevated wax consumption while staying true to the purpose of dabbing.

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