O.Pen Vape Launches App for Colorado Recreational Market

OpenVape2It’s certainly not news that Colorado’s marijuana industry has become a leader for the cannabis business around the world. With recreational sales now going strong in Colorado for the last two years, many companies that began during medical-only have expanded and have begun to offer products and deals that rival many other mainstream industries’ practices.

One such Colorado cannabis company is O.Pen Vape. O.Pen first appeared for medical marijuana users in early 2013 and quickly became a leader in the crowded portable marijuana vaporizer market. With a simple cartridge that comes pre-filled with a range of concentrated oil that is mixed to work optimally with the slim vaporizer battery, O. Pen initially got many users converted from strictly flower or dabs to portable cannabis extract oil by giving away a battery and charger with the first purchase; this savvy deal has long since ended, with batteries now being sold for around $20. These pen batteries still carry a lifetime warranty and still have a slim design with a soft mobile-device stylus on the opposite end of the cartridge mouthpiece (a brilliant little bonus that allows you to use a phone or tablet while vaping.)

Typical cartridge doses are 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg, with Denver recreational dispensaries charging about $40 for 250mg and $60 for the 500mg; with tax the 500mg comes in closer to the $80 per-cartridge range. Cartridges are available in a variety of different strains, with a color-coded system for indica, sativa, and hybrid cartridges. While there is no exact amount of hits, a 250mg cartridge can easily be compared to around an 1/8th of flower. With tax factored in for recreational customers, O.Pen definitely has to justify for premium charge for being able to discreetly use cannabis on the go.

With recreational tax being as high as it is in Colorado, the recreational market also certainly requires more smart marketing that made O.Pen stand out when they first launched years ago.

A few recent moves have included billboards around Denver and even a few Colorado highway sponsorships, which makes for an amazingly on-the-nose “Colorado in 2016” moment:

In addition to these steps, O.Pen have also gone further into the future with the launch of a new smartphone app. Much like similar apps for major brands and retailers like Target or Starbucks, the new O.Pen app allows users the ability to not only find the retailer closest to them, but also allows customers to earn and use rewards points for free batteries, cartridges, and other marijuana infused products.

One such deal on the app allows users to try the newest O.Pen product: the O.NE. This is an even simpler, disposable portable vaporizer that comes pre-loaded and is good for around 100 puffs before it can be thrown away. This is a great product to get new users interested in portable vaping and by giving users 1 for free to try with the download of the app, O.Pen gains new customers and can bring back old customers at the same time.

When I first tried the O.Pen as a medical patient years ago, I really enjoyed the ease but thought there were some issues with the battery holding a charge and working consistently for more than a few weeks. I stopped using them around the time that they began to sell syringes with the BHO mixture that you could use to fill up empty cartridges yourself because of the generally unreliable quality of the oil and cartridges and totally inconsistent quality of pen batteries. After using the app and taking advantage of the O.NE promotion last month, I was quickly able to gain enough points to get a free battery. Other rewards on the app include free cartridges, batteries, and even a free Go.Pen for wax and shatter concentrates; a breakdown of the amount of points each product purchase gains the user is available in the app.

After a few weeks of use, I have not seen any of the battery issues that ruined the supposedly easy experience a few years ago. The flavor is still smooth and the effect strong and reliable. O.Pen also offers a new variable-voltage battery as well as a much stronger version of the pre-loaded cartridges, no doubt to entice long-term users who want a more high-end option for this portable vaporizer.

I recommend the O.Pen app for any Colorado marijuana user who is curious about on-the-go cannabis vaporing options. Even if it’s just for the experience of using an app to get reward points for buying weed- is that something anyone thought we could be able to do 5 years ago?

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